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Mum By The Wayside!

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I guess it shows that I don't have much to occupy myself during the day. Serena! you so rightly pointed out that my blog writing is prolific these days almost like I'm competing for the world record and that just about sums up my day! A busy mum simply does not have time to herself and that is why I seem to have so much free time these days to do whatever I please. My daughter is well on her way to the outside world, I just provided the guidance to get her there! What I'm left with now is a huge gap in my parental nature, no job and not much else to care for except the geese, goats and chickens, but of course they don't come with the sort of responsibilty you need when parenting.


I still get the odd cuddle or two but it usually precedes a favour like, can you wash my jeans, can you loan me some money, will you make an appointment with the hairstylist, Y'know those sort of favours! Once we could have a conversation consisting of a thousand words after school -- now it's a grunt or a D'Know!


I'd swap anyone for another chance of re-living the early days when she was a sweet little girl holding mum's hand and skipping in the street. Would I have done things any differently? I don't think so! On the whole she's good kid, everyone tells me so, so I can't have done such a bad job after all.


So, Serena. Writing blogs is one thing but you have something far more special and that is your boys. They have a talented, hard working mum who will give them the best start in life possible. I may write on a daily basis but you my friend are doing a much greater job! Your book may be slender but you are writing a whole new chapter in life every day and those are memories you'll treasure for the rest of your life.


Time is precious they say!

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