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Mom in the middle of it

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Well okay Barb, I won't be so hard on myself then. I forget that you don't work outside of your home so you do have more time during the day to fufill your blogging responsibilities. I should quit trying to "keep up with the Jonses" as well as comparing myself to others. I've always had a problem with that. I also need to remember to keep managable portions on my plate otherwise my time with the kids suffers.


As far as the boys go, yes they do keep me hopping! I turn to blogging to have some me time. Although they are a hand full, my 10 year old already doesn't want to have much to do with me - too busy with all his friends and adventures. My 6 year old has promised me that he will hold my hand until he is 8. I asked him if I could get that in writing.


It's hard for me to look at photos of when the boys were little. I get carried away back in time and end up missing their little-hood so much. That's why I wish I could time travel and go back and smell their bald little baby heads, squeeze their chubby little legs, rock them in my arms, watch them learn how to walk, hear their tiny little voices always asking questions.......


Time flies. And the older you get, the faster it flies. BUT I have to live in the present so I'll SNAP OUT OF IT! I don't think I'll handle it so well when my boys go off to college. They will most likely go far away, but not too far I hope! And I know, that time will come sooner than I want it to.


Barb, thank you for reminding me that time is precious. My time would be better spent right now, reading my boys to sleep. I can blog later.


Well wouldn't you know it

They were already asleep

A missed oportunity

I feel like a creep.


Next time I'll have

My priorities straight

Using precious time wisely

An admirable trait


Because I had a late dinner

and a soda with caffeine

I'll be up anyway

until eleven-seventeen


So reading to my boys

while it was before nine

should have been my priority

instead of blogging at that time


So now here I am

though tired as can be

I can't yet lie down

or my dinner comes back on me


These days it comes back

while still sitting up

I sure hope I don't

find myself spitting up!


That might have been more

than you wanted to know

So rather than continue

I'll spare you and go!

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