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Happy Radio, Happy Faces.

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I'm sat here pondering -- I have a show to do tomorrow and I haven't a clue what I'm doing. My recipe selection for my Dish Of The Week spot is not forthcoming. I've not been able to come up with any ideas since I've had so much to do this week.


A funny moment yesterday when I went to the local residential care home for a meeting. I'd bought some facial moisturiser, a little pampering for my skin. It said: Combat the signs of ageing, wipe away those wrinkles. Well I don't have many on account of sclero but the ones I do have might as well have some TLC. I bought it from a local bargain bucket less then half the price of the cheapest cream I've ever seen. "Can't be much use" I thought! But I'll give it a try none-the-less. I stroked it on my face as directed -- it felt greasy but it soon blended into my thirsty skin. I looked for instant results as stated, but much to my disappointment, I looked no different. My hubby smirked and commented that I'd need a couple of jars, perhaps the whole crate to make a difference to my fizzhog!


We were getting ready to go to my Aunt's care home for a meeting. I know most of the residents but it's still my least favourite task because it's so boring sitting in a room full of dignitaries blowing their own trumpets about budgets and improvements that never really seem to make any difference. We sat in the corner with my Aunt and another lady. I caught her glancing at me several times without saying anything and when the introductions were over, we all recieved an outline plan of the new proposals for the year. It was then that the lady turned to me and said, "You look different -- what have you done to your face?"


Wow! I thought that stuff really is good. "Do I look younger?" I asked.


"No," was the reply, "...blotchy"


I looked at my hubby and he agreed that I did have some spots. Well I suppose it does work because it took me back to my teens with acne.


I couldn't wait to get home and wash my face. That's what I love about the senior generation -- they're so honest! They come straight out with it! Like kids really! If you want an honest opinion ask your gran or your kids. Your hubby can be unpredictable depending on which side of the fence he's sitting, and if he's in the dog house, forget a truthful opinion about how you look because you'll look a million dollars in your worst outfit and bad hair day!


I'll survive the wrinkles -- forget the botox and I'll just be me!

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