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What day IS it?



I knew I was in trouble for the week when I woke up Tuesday and it felt like it should have been Friday. But, here is where my summer kicks into high gear and I will wake up tomorrow and it will be August. Little one's last day of kindergarten is tomorrow. Big one's last day is Friday.


Today is Wednesday. Just got home from the last baseball game and an exciting one it was! The kids were actually swinging and hitting, and catching - unlike the past few yawners where no one swung the bat and both teams walked all the bases for 5 innings.


It was nice to end the season on a good note even though we lost by one run. A boy who never pitched before amazed us all with strike after strike in the last 2 innings. And a boy who hadn't had a hit all season popped one up into right field - it was caught but no one cared. All the parents came to their feet for this kid's hit. It was beautiful.


Finally home after being away for 12 hours and wanted nothing more than 10 minutes of solitude to put down my things, change into my jammies and check phone messages and emails.


Not gonna happen..... "Mom, look at this.......mom, I need this......mom we have to do that......." "Boys, hit the showers. I'll see and do all your stuff when you get out and jammied up."


2 showers, 6 painted and planted little clay pots with Jade for teachers, secretaries and principal, 2 emptied backpacks full of school work and artwork and 2 snacks later.... 2 boys are snoring softly while dreams of summer fill their heads.


And 1 tired mom struggles to stay awake long enough to finish her blog, tie up some loose ends and get ready for another tomorrow. Only 2 more days until the weekend. I hope tomorrow feels like Thursday.


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