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Taking Flight

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I need to get away! That may sound like a plea for help but actually it's for solace and a bit of warmth. The weather is freezing, not literally but you get the gist, I'm sure! I've lit a huge fire and can't seem to pull myself away from it.


In the car I have numerous requests to turn the heating off, my dad for instance, can't stand the heat, my hubby cannot tolerate warmth at all and then there's me freezing! If I put the car heater on, the windows are instantly wound down and then I get a blast of wind pinning me back into my seat -- I really can't win!


There will be moans when he comes home from work. "A fire," he will say. "...in June? -- you're having a laugh!" I wish it was something to laugh about and I wonder how he would feel to be permanently cold as opposed to hot all of the time. Of course it's not just a matter of feeling cold, it's the pain that comes with it! The severity of raynaud's attacks varies throughout the day and some days it's much worse than others. You simply can't concentrate on anything or do anything constructive when your fingers go numb, it's like my brain follows suit and that goes numb as well!


I wish the summer here would start. We've had a glimpse of it last week but so far it's not happening. I'll be so glad to step off the plane in Greece but if the temperature there falls below 80 degrees I'll be back to my white, blue, and red. Oh I'm not being patriotic, although my fingers do emulate the 3 colours of the British flag!


I'm packing my last few items and amongst all the skimpy tops and shorts is my cardigan and a few pairs of socks. "You may as well pack some gloves as well" My hubby said! Well I may not go quite that far but it's an idea.


It's my friend's birthday today and we're doing something rather special. Whether she will thank us after the event or not remains to be seen. She's 59 and really down in the dumps. My hubby and I decided to do something a little different for her this year -- I guess you've realised just how special she is to us!


She unwittingly thinks that there's just myself, Steve and Steph going out to the local Indian restaurant for an ordinary meal. We thought it would be a good idea not to tell her that we've invited all of her friends, even her old Aunt of 91 who hates anything spicy, so this should be good.


I bought her a birthday cake from the supermarket, I didn't have the Ooomph! to do it myself. I've just iced her name upon it and that's about as much as I could do in my present frame of mind. She thinks that everyone has forgotton -- poor thing! I hope the evening goes well so she can find it in her heart to forgive me for being so cruel.


Time for a hot drink, I think.

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