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Weird Thoughts!



Men and their playthings! My daft hubby bought a toy which exterminates flies -- true! It's a new fangled thing that electrocutes with one foul swoop! It looks like a tennis raquet but the strings are made of wire. My hubby spent most of the weekend whacking the blighters nearly demolishing all the china and almost hitting himself upon the head at one point. My daughter did the proper job of doing just that when an unsuspecting fly landed upon his bonce whilst he dozed in front of the TV. He leapt up in the air with a scream because although she missed hitting the fly, the electric shock zapped my hubby with a crack and by all accounts it was hilarious.


We giggled for hours afterwards and my hubby scowled. The racquet was left in the corner of the room after that -- reprieve for the flies or was it for my husband?


A pretty wasteful weekend really. The weather wasn't as bad as anticipated and it would have been an ideal opportunity to carry on with building, however it wasn't to be and now my hubby is sick with a tummy bug. To say he'd been in the wars this weekend is no understatement!


The whole country is going petrol mad. Filling stations closing due to depleted stocks. I queued half an hour at the filling station because I was desperate for fuel and then did exactly the same as everyone else and filled up my tank. I thought it was a good idea to get it whilst I still could; living out in the country is difficult enough without running out of fuel. It was only a matter of time before someone did just that and it happened right outside my gate so I could neither get in or out!


Two guys rubbing their heads wondering what to do didn't help my cause. They'd run out of diesel on the way home passing several filling stations which had all closed their pumps. My drive was the safest point to stop, just off the main road. I wasn't happy but in the end I realised that it wasn't their fault just the fault of many who have been panic buying, including myself!


It's difficult to see where all this will end. Surely there is a contingency plan for when the oil finally runs out? If they refined methane, I would have no problem, I have enough of the stuff that produces it lying around the yard. I often wondered if they could use magnetism for propelling a vehicle and then my hubby laughed at me -- everything metal would stick to the car. Then I imagined a scene of carnage as every metalic object flew through the air and stuck to my vehicle and I around a lamp post! I have a wierd imagination as you can probably tell?


We'll probaby end up like the Flintstones in our bottomless vehicles and leg power. There I go again off in a tangent. "Yabba Dabba Dooo!" I say.


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