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Let Them Stare!

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Just when you thought it was safe! Why am I not surprised that we've had a few days of sun and now we have torrential downpours? It's always the same; this country just stinks when it comes to weather. It's common for us to discuss the weather as a form of common courtesy, no wonder when we depend so much upon it.


The chickens look bedraggled like they've been hosed down with a pipe full of mud. The geese are no longer white but orange since they've been sitting in the sand much to our annoyance, there's nothing worse than goose doo doo in the cement! There's a river running through the yard and the weeds hang their head in shame but keep on growing nonetheless!


All I can do is gaze out of the window hoping that tomorrow will bring a brighter picture. We have so much to do and so little time. A hole in my gable is not good when we are due to leave the country. We managed to build the internal wall half way up and then wouldn't you know it? The sky opened and down came the rain and hasn't stopped since.


It just makes the need to leave these shores ever more desirable. Just think a whole week in the warmth of the sun without fear of taking off my clothes for fear of hypothermia. I can wallow in the rays without a shiver, or dare I say a raynaud's attack for the best part of the afternoon. I can do a great impression of a basking lizard without breaking sweat and if I get into the pool I usually get a rousing applause!


When I think back to the day's when I had more meat on my bones, it always brings a smile to my face. I should feel a sense of embarrasment when on one occasion I got stuck in a huge rubber ring on the lazy river in Rhodes. It took a number of folk just to get me out and when they did, I hit the water and sank. After that I avoided any kind of water based experiences which was fully justified when my daughter hollored across the hotel complex.


"Get in the pool mum -- we'll get you out!


I think the entire British, German, Swiss, French or Greek contingent raised their heads from their sun loungers and focused upon me who by this time was trying to hide beneath a towel. The whole experience beside the pool that day was one to be avoided.


Of course my life has changed since then. I will gladly dip my toes in the pool and when brave enough, do a couple of strokes in the shallow end avoiding the part where the floor drops away along with my confidence. People stare for different reasons now, namely my abdominal tube which sticks out like a beach ball valve. I overcame my embarassment a couple of years ago and now my assumption is -- let them stare!


It all seems a world away as I watch the rain pour from my seat beside the window. I put on another log to a fire that's dying and a room that's cooling. The TV is on in the corner, some weird TV film fitting for a wet afternoon and with that I switch off. Back to washing dishes, the leftover chore from lunch. May as well do something other than watch my fire go out and the rain come in!

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