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No Techno!

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Me and computers -- Bah humbug! I never got the hang of jargon or any kind of speed on the keyboard and it showed up rather brilliantly yesterday when trying to access the sclero chat room. Once I'd managed to tap every X in every window I finally came upon the right box and I was in! first problem over then!


I was greeted by loads of Hi's and my little fingers began hitting the keys in pure excitement. It wasn't that easy for me to keep up and before I'd managed to reply to any questions, they'd gone up the page and my reply made no sense at all.


My daughter hung over my shoulder shouting "Quick! - answer that one with just a yep or nope." My daughter is master of text messaging and her advice made no sense at all. At one point she was tapping the keys with an impatient manner over my shoulders much to my annoyance, little did I know she was trying to hurry me along so she could use the computer for her own little chat schedule. The result was a lighthearted argument of which I backed down and gave her the laptop.


Teenagers, eh! I feel like a grandmother rather than her mum and I'm sure that's how she sees me sometimes. I do sort of feel ancient at times especially when it comes to technology. Give me a recipe book and I can literally cook anything. Give me a computer task and the term fish out of water comes to mind. And the music! Try and download anything and I'm lost, although I have to admit my daughter does like the old stuff, actually in her eyes 80's music is old, in mine it's just classic!


I don't understand all the different styles of music, if you have teenagers I'm sure you will know what I mean? Some of it I quite like, some I definitely dislike like rap! It seems so angry and like a naughty school kid having a spat with an overprotective parent. Perhaps that's the gist of it, no wonder the world is upside down.


I must live a very simple life, dissolutioned perhaps. I have to accept that the world goes on around me and not I around it! I suppose if things had not moved on, we'd be steam propelled and still singing around the piano instead of worrying about petrol, oil, and the rubbish on TV. Actually it's not a bad thought, singing around the piano and running on steam -- two problems sorted in one, the family structure reinstated and a solution to global warming!


Only problem there is we haven't got a piano and even if we did, we can neither play it or sing! Back to the drawing board then!


Technology, not such a humbug after all!

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