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Back with my memories

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Stepping off the last step of the plane

Back in old England, I moan once again!

The skies were full of rain and grey

Why did we have to come home today?


I left a country so full of sun

And was back home before it had begun

The week flew by without a pause

And ended like a mandatory clause

Behind, I left a beautiful place

That put a glow upon my face

No raynaud's attacks for seven whole days

I did so many things, I was completely amazed.


I walked so much and even swam

A proper little adventurer I am

To **** with my tube, I wore skimpy gear

Folk looked and stared but came not near

If you can have a belly bar and wear it just for fashion

Then I can have a feeding tube to take in my daily ration

I reckon my needs entitle its worth

And I gladly wear it round my girth


Down the slide at breakneck speed

At the water park I took the lead

In huge doughnut contraption I sat in the ring

And zoomed down the slope like a silly thing

My daughter in awe as I yelled with delight

And I hit the water and nearly took flight


I danced the Zorba as my family looked on

I think my mum has finally gone!

My daughter was shy to admit it was me

And when I sat down, red faced was she

Everyone was looking she whispered with caution

So I got up again and did the locomotion


I give a wry smile as I download the pics

I certainly got down to some high kicks

And now I'm back here and down to earth

They're just memories for all they're worth

I think of returning there sometime soon

Now thay my raynaud's is in full bloom.

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