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I Want To Go Back!

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With a deepening sense of reluctance, I write this blog from my living room with a log fire roaring and winter like conditions raging outdoors. Yes, I'm back home in Blighty far from the warm sun of Crete and the respite of constant raynaud's attacks.


Oh, we all long for a relaxing vacation and that's understandable but for me it's sanctuary. To be free from pain and feel the freedom of loose clothing, to walk without two blocks of ice, and to stay up late without having to pile on the layers, is my idea of paradise.


I look back on the photographs, remembering exactly the moment it was took and wishing I was back there right in that very spot, turn back the clock! My brown tinted fingers are now white tipped like a half smoked cigar with a long tip of ash, and as I write, the weatherman predicts more rain to come as he delivers his forecast on TV, with a cheery end as he concludes with a warmer outlook -- perhaps 70 degrees, Wow!


I can, however, share my holiday experiences with you. Memories they may be but oh what a time we had! We went Greek dancing in the mountains overlooking a beautiful bay of crystal clear water. I danced the Zorba without the aid of alcohol, and let down my very short hair for all to see, much to the embarassment of my disgruntled daughter who eventually got into the swing and danced the night away with a very lovely Greek man in traditional costume. I was elated to see her high on a table in the middle of the dance floor, belly dancing and loving every minute. I have the video evidence to prove it and it will be a very interesting piece of footage to play at her 18th birthday party -- she'll kill me!


We hit the water park in simillar fashion. Me in a doughnut, whizzing around the park at breakneck speed. Such a far cry from several years ago when my rather large backside got stuck in the middle and took a great amount of effort to remove. This time I fit snuggly in the middle and was rather athletic in the art of jumping in and out of the ring in no time at all, the only problem was the red hot tiles between the rides -- I loved it! It was like walking on red hot coals and my feet felt like I'd had the most wonderful pedicure, in fact I felt totally refreshed and dare I say normal?


The evenings were long and just idyllic! We walked as the sun went down into the sea with the most incredible sunset. The smell of herbs and the sound of the balalaika strumming from every taverna filled my ears and I tingled with excitement. I tried my very pidgin Greek to communicate and show off my knowledge. I realised very quickly that 12 weeks of phrase book lessons were simply not enough to get by and I ridiculed myself on a number of occasions on asking for the bill or greeting one very lovely Greek man with something unpronounceable in any language, but the intent was there and very much appreciated by the Greeks who love you to attempt their language no matter how much you flunk!


This is what holidays are made of. I want to go back, in fact I want to go back right now! Back home and back to reality. A multitude of messages on my answerphone, a pile of bills behind the door and my sister-in-law from Australia. Worst of all there is bad news, my father in hospital and father-in-law seriously ill. Doom and gloom was waiting for us. So much for the happy balance -- am I always to be so unlucky?

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