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Summer day



The sweet, sweet smell of my fresh cut sweet pea flowers fills my kitchen :D (nice change from the litterbox smell :P ) It took me all day but I managed to get all the grass mowed, all my plants watered and had spoons left over for some planting, pruning and picking. The boys helped me mow the backyard and the oldest did a little weed whacking. My little men.


During the hottest part of the day we went to a Hawaiian themed birthday party for a little friend of ours who turned 7. How nice it was to sit in the shade with cold drink in hand and watch the kids play in the kiddie pool. And then to get fed too! Skewers of teriaki chicken, pineapple and red peppers hot off the grill and on a bed of rice - YUM!


I had the birthday girl's little sister in my preschool last year. It was so good to see them again. Getting to spend time around all the little ones was good for me. I can see myself nagging my grown boys for grandchildren.


Back at home around 5pm and no need to make dinner as we were so full from the party. Big one went to his buddy's house down the road for a sleepover and the little guy hung out with me while I played around in the yard until dark. Then we snuggled in the hammock with pillows and blankies and watched the stars come out.


I woke to mosquitos buzzing my face and a dampness that chilled me to the bone. I pulled my son's legs over my lap, swung my own legs over the edge and in one smooth motion rolled us both out of the hammock without waking him. Hammocks are much easier to get out of with a 50 pound, sleeping kid on your lap than a recliner! Sleeping in our nests on the couch tonight.


I am surprised by all I got done today in the yard. I paced myself very well, if I do say so myself (pat on back). I'm sure it helped that I slept in until 9am (without sleep aid) and I only worked in the shade. I'm getting the hang of it!


Now, to tackle the inside tomorrow....


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