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Sense of dread!

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To wake up to a power failure is one thing, but to awake to the realisation that you have a bereavement in the family is quite another, especially when it's a new day and the outlook looks pretty much the same as you left it.


The situation remained the same as yesterday when we recieved the dreadful news of my father-in law's sudden passing, a very solemn subject for which I apologise for in advance.


The first thing I reached for this morning was the electric kettle -- I badly needed a drink to help me face a very difficult day. With coffee in cup I waited for the boil but after a short while I realised that something was either wrong electrically or my kettle had also joined the departed list. It wasn't long before I realised that the light in the fridge was off and so was the cooker, lights and the water heater, which only get's turned off when there is either a power cut or my hubby's rant on the electric meter whizzing round whilst he watches the pound notes fly away!


Today of all days we were without power, which kind of sums up the last 24 hours. My father-in-law passed away after a very short stay in hospital -- pneumonia and heart failure. It was totally unexpected and very sad. I can hardly believe it myself especialy when I lost my mum at the same time last year. I never thought that 12 months later we'd be going through the whole thing again, although this time it's my husband's side of the family.


We're not a particularly close family. I've never met most of my hubby's clan, as a matter of fact neither has he! Going through a little red book of names which all sounded so unfamilliar, we rang people to break the bad news, it was all so surreal. So much to do when no one really wanted to do it. Nothing prepares you for a sudden death in the family, it's almost the proverbial bad dream scenario, one where you think you will wake up all of a sudden and everything's fine!


Today we've passed like ships in the night. My own father jostling for attention -- I went my way and Steve went his. The whole family is in disarray, knowing what to do next but not really having the will to move forward. Planning a funeral when we should be planning evening dinner and having been refreshed from a seemingly well earned rest in Crete, we're now so in the clouds with so much legal and nitty gritty stuff, not to mention the sense of dread a funeral brings that I just want to turn the clock back, rewind and start again with a little bit of notice!


As for family we are left with all the loose ends to tie at this end, whilst the others count their inheritance before the grieving begins! It's Pandora's box and I hope he's left the lot to the dogs home. It sure would cause some problems but the last laugh would be on him.


On my own with a sense of sorrow for my father-in-law and much sympathy for my hubby who's doing the same as I did last year, so speaking from experience I know the task is sickening. Horrible subject I know but it's part of life and let's face it no matter who, or what you are! it's something we'll all experience at some time in our life.


So much for a week in Crete then!

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