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Lucky If I Get Old



A pain shot in my mouth, "ouch" I've broken a tooth

I was sucking on a popsicle when crack it went, "Strewth"

I spat it out to my daughter's horror. My husband gave a cry

That's coz you've got wooden teeth and I gave out a sigh

It isn't enough to have sclero, but I'm falling apart as well

Soon I'll be wailing " Unclean" as I wave my warning bell

My hair is going thinner, my teeth are falling out

My skin is getting tighter, my lips I cannot pout

The greyness is taking over, I'm begining to look like mum

And I can't chew on anything, I suck it with my gum.


They don't have a cure for sclero and they don't have one for age

I guess it's just another chapter and I'm turning another page

I think I'm half way through the book, the rest is there to read

Another 20 pages and false teeth and specs, I'll need

For my eyesight is also failing, is there no end to my spare parts

And I'm joining the old generation before it even starts

The bathroom is full of hair dye, the comb is full of hair

I used to have thick brown locks and now it isn't there

I hope I don't go bald as well, now that would be unfair

No hair, no teeth and blind as a bat, would be too much to bear


My bones are creaking like an old wooden door

My neck is stiff and I can't look around no more

My sex life is a memory, I'd rather have a sweet

For me to get excited would be a proper feat

Gone are the days of passion along with all the zest

I take so long to get in bed, I get out again for a rest

My hubby gets all heated his anticipation begins to surge

But with all my layers of clothing he finally loses the urge


I dread the day but I'm sure it will come

When not only my fingers will be numb

I'll have my teeth in a cup of solution

And my eyesight will only have one conclusion

I'll look like my granny, be permanently cold

But I'll think myself lucky if I get that old


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