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Soul Searching



The boys and I went to the beach late this afternoon with a picnic dinner and ran into our little birthday girl and her family. They are such great, fun people. Awesome parents, loving, protcective and kind. My little preschool alumni girl snuggled up to me on the driftwood log and asked me if she could sit on my lap. Oh my heart! :D


I'm not sure if I believe in coincidences or not. I'm one of those who tends to believe that almost everything happens for a reason; we just have to be paying attention. Seeing the girls reminded me of my preschool and of the in-home daycare I had planned on starting but never did. I'm wondering if recent events and seeing the girls two weekends in a row might be signs that I should reconsider the in-home daycare.


Self-employment is hard. Self-employment in childcare is even harder and self-employment in childcare, out of your own home is even harder still. Not to mention trying to get affordable health insurance coverage - and doing it all while battling scleroderma and trying to get divorced. Not looking for sympathy (this time) just thinking 'out loud' and wondering if I could really do it. I'd probably have to beef-up the Cellcept and the Prednisone :lol: .


My heart really is in childcare. Too bad my muscles, connective tissues, lungs, my entire gastrointestinal system and my stamina isn't on board too.


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