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Rubbing two sticks together

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This month I'm in a situation, right where I don't want to be! It's my birthday on tuesday and over the last two years it's been common for me to receive both a birthday card and sympathy card in the same envelope! It's a scary fact of life and one I have to face.


My Father-in-law's funeral will be held on Friday. My own Father, screaming for attention, is moving home in the same week and apart from being superwoman -- Oh sorry, did I forget to mention that? I'm in the thick of it.


My hubby blames me for a failed firelighting attempt. No matter how many firelighters I put on it, it just fizzled out and smouldered. He was explaining the very technique of starting a fire when I stopped and reminded him that we've been making fires since we were cavemen and rubbed two sticks together, I didn't need old grumpy to tell me how to do it! Finally we had fire in the grate and, yes I reminded him that I was great and blamed it on the lack of wind outside.


I can't be too harsh on him. He doesn't fare well with grief. I've never seen him cry but I think he's wandered off into the fields a couple of times to hide. I'll give him space if he doesn't feel he can confide his grief in me, that's fine!


Today I'm in a pull your self together frame of mind. Some one has to take hold of the situation. My suitcases are still full of clothes, the remnants of the holiday in Crete. It seems so long ago now and the situation which followed wasn't the best homecoming. I reckon we'll need another trip away after all this but it's rather worrying that each time we go away something always happens.


There's no end to the dreadful weather either which means no building work, so I'm stuck with the great hole in my gable and getting quite concerned. How can you build a wall in a monsoon. I'm dreading the prospect of facing winter without a wall, it doesn't bare thinking about so for the moment I won't!


What can I do today apart from do the washing? Any suggestions gratefully appreciated!

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