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Fishy Tales!

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Okay! I may have lost the plot a little but, did I ever mention that I used to keep tropical fish? I say "used to" because my aquarium has been redundant for the last 5 years. My daughter will also correct me in saying that the aquarium atually belongs to her. In fact it was a present for my daughter some years ago when she fell in love with the little fishes dsplayed in a restaurant and never stopped talking about them. They made a lovely centre of attention everytime we had visitors, and the children who came to play with Steph usually sat quietly gazing into the aquarium -- it kept them occupied for hours.


I have to say that my decision to dig out the old tank and restock with fish, despite costing a fortune, has given me a sense of satisfaction! Of course I can't stock it with fish as yet, the water needs to clarify and clear of toxins first, but I reckon a couple more days will see me off to the aquatic centre with my purse in hand choosing my little aqua display.


My hubby seems a little surprised that I would have any interest in keeping fish again. I think he quite likes the idea actually as he's been unusually helpful, helping me to buy all the bits I need. I had everything once but the last 5 years have been one upheavel and my guess is that they'll all be in a little bag somewhere just waiting for us to find them. Anyway, my assumption is that it's probably better to buy new than trust the old stuff. Sure the aquarium is fine -- no leaks, just a little dirty, but a with just some hot water and a bit of elbow grease, it's back to normal.


I saw that same look in my daughter's eyes yesterday as she looked into the tanks at the aqua centre. A smile as she watched the little bright coloured fish dart across the tank. She called me over just to say Awww! and then Urgh! as she saw an ugly catfish.

"I don't want one of them! She said "And have you seen that eel over there? -- it's horrible." It was like turning the clock back 10 years to that day in the restaurant when she wouldn't sit down for her meal, gazing into a tank full of fish.


I think my decision is a good one! Anything has to be better than breakfast TV and they're so relaxing to watch. I'm basing the theme on a sunken city. It will remind me of Greece and Atlantis the fabled underwater city.


If you're wondering about my Raynauds, I had several attacks yesterday whilst setting up the aquarium, so it had better be worth all the pain!

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