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I remember the first time I set up an aquarium. I was very much a novice then and to be truthful I probably lost more fish than evaporation. I learned quite a lot in my time although I never told anyone that my hobby was keeping tropical fish -- that particular pastime was either "naff" or for the geeky members of the population.


It was only when a work friend came round that my secret was out and, boy! I took some ribbing over that. They thought I was lacking in either male company or was schizophrenic! I was neither of course, but I felt a proper twit! Nowadays it's generally accepted that women have hobbies too.


It gave me quite a buzz yesterday when I brought home my first stock of fish and placed then into my tank. My daughter wanted to name them all, but how you tell the difference is beyond me, they all look exactly the same! My hubby has taken an interest this time. He largely ignored the aquarium last time, in fact I think he hardly knew it was there! This time he seems more accepting and sat gazing into the tank last night asking questions about the hobby, which I gladly talked about -- now who's sounding like a geek?


Aside from the fish, the conversation has turned to a family dilemma! My August vacation to Greece is in severe jeopardy! A choice has developed. Australia or Greece? Australia to visit relatives in February -- Greece as part of our summer treat. Decisions, decisions! But I think one has been made. My daughter is 18 in Feb and a special treat would be a trip to Australia since we've never been much further than Greece with her. I'm worried about the length of the flight, 23 hours! I hate flying to begin with and in all honesty 4 hours is quite enough for me. How on earth I'd survive a whole day is anyone's guess!


Here with my thoughts and a bathtub awaiting, this decision needs more thought! Any ideas?

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