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Open Book!

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My ambition to write a book may not be the best idea I've ever had. For one my spelling at times, is nothing short of atrocious! Not to mention punctuation! Even if I managed to compile a book, where do you begin?


I'm no JK Rowling and I don't have the likes of Harry Potter up my sleeve and anyhow, that's been done! I do have lot's of silly stories some I've shared with you and most are based upon true life, my life in fact! Of course there are things I could write that wouldn't be suitable for the forum and would be best written elsewhere. Not because it is rude or holds any amount of swearing, but more of a language divide.


I think my first attempt would be to write about the farm, growing up and all the situations I've found myself in. scleroderma apart, I think I've lived quite an extraordinary life! I see humour in amost everything and found myself in some weird situations over the years. My life may be less interesting now, mainly due to a chronic illness, but my memories keep my spirits high and at least I was privillaged enough to experience such a varied walk of life.


Good Idea or bad? Who knows! Keep watching this space!

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