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Writer's Constipation!



Nothing much to report but such a drab week with nothing worth the effort of writing. I hate to mention the summer, you'd hardly know that it was! I have deepening sense of hatred for the lovely girl who delivers the weather report each morning, who always forcasts the rain with a sickly smile and a promise of 5 minutes of sunshine. No fun and no surprise then that things are pretty much the same with my gaping hole in the side of my house. How can you build a home in such conditions -- a pretty serious situation is developing at the wrong end of summer!


As I look across the yard I tut and shake my head at the weeds which have climbed tall and remember my failed attempt to remove them. It's so annoying when you try to grow nice cultivated flowers and fail, weeds grow beautifully without intervention, such is nature! Of course, I wouldn't like to be out there getting drenched in the cold every day, no wonder they give up and die!


As for the dilemma I mentioned in an earlier blog, Greece won through as opposed to a long haul flight to Australia. With that sorted, the next problem is if my husband can have the time off work he needs. He's had so much time off lately mainly due to the death of his father which is perfectly understandable. I can't see him begging on his knees for a holiday so much depends upon the mood of his boss -- let's hope he's not ruled by the weather or we may be very dissappointed. I, for one would be mighty upset if I couldn't have one last trip to my beloved Greece before the end of summer.


My stomach has been nothing short of a nuisance over the past few days, keeping me awake at night and achy limbs during the day. I supposedly have spondylosis and my neck sure hurts if I try and sleep with more than two pillows high. The trouble is if I don't I may choke or suffer terrible heartburn so I can't win! I can actually hear my bones crack and creak, and although it may be a little age related, I can't help thinking that sclero plays it's part also! I've also had nosebleeds -- what on earth is going on? I'm going all wrong with many things to complain about but not worth mentioning! I find that's true because in the grand scheme of things every little ailment is insignificant in comparison!


My meeting tonight will give me little to contribute since we've had such a boring, depressing couple of months. Writer's constipation I call it!


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