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Excuse me one moment whilst I scream and bang my head against the wall, here goes....... Arrrgh -- Ouch! That's better.


Yes, I'm having one of those days, not one of your average scleroderma days but one of those ###### days when nothing goes right.


The day began slowly as usual and then gathered speed at frightning levels. Firstly I got into a who can shout loudest match with a fellow disabled driver. I'm at best the most placid person by my own admission, at worst I'm a grouch when vexed. What gives another human, precedent over the next, I ask you!


This man was a total lunatic and if it hadn't been for his gimply leg, I'd have knocked that stick from under him. He approached me in such a manner that I was instantly on the defensive, calling me a typical woman driver who looked perfectly able to him. Well, besides wanting to whip my tube out and smack him in the kisser with it, I succumbed to retaliating in the only way I know how, remarking that I'd rather have a gimpy leg and a stick than a pipe stuck in my tum, and be able to eat the ###### stuff I'd gone to the supermarket for. See how ya like that I thought! I'm sure the lady beside me applauded but he sure blushed and walked away.


The next trial was when I got home. The geese had been on the road and a concerned motorist was waiting for me at the gate. The poor guy was puffed out after chasing the geese all over the village, when all he had to do was shout "C'mon" and they'd come running towards you. Anyway I thanked him profusely as he drove off like a caped crusader.


I thought I'd relax the only way I know how, at my computer. I logged on and the phone rang at the same time, it was a very tearful call from my daughter at school. "Someone's stolen my phone mum" Great! This is all I need. "Phone the police, the teacher told me to tell you, oh! and is it insured?" Yes and Yes, is the answer. I phoned the local station and was greeted with a moan. " Oh no, not another mobile phone!" the officer said. "I'll send one of our PC's down to the school and she can make a statement."


That phone is exactly 2 weeks old, cost more than a week in Greece and has the latest technology, some use that is now. The chances of getting it back .... no chance. Anyhow, then went an afternoon of phone calls to and from the cell phone company, the insurance, my bank, school and the police, all for a stupid phone.


She'll be home soon, distraut and in a real strop, is it worth it! Nope. I'll be there telling her how much it doesn't matter when in fact it does. It's only a phone but the trouble it will cause to replace will cost more than money in trips and phone calls, not to mention an insurance company that will try every trick in the book not to replace it. Just let them try that one!


So, pardon me for screaming, tonight will be interesting and spent consoling a very upset daughter . I mean, take a cell phone away from a teenager is like taking a soother from a baby isn't it!


Life goes on .....


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