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Cunning Plan!

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Oh yes I'm off to Greece again, I can hardly wait!

I dangled a juicy carrot and my hubby took the bait

I played Greek music loudly and out came the sun

"Turn that din off," he said, though only said in fun

I got out his fancy shorts and placed for him to see

Do you like these my dear? the one's below the knee


I got out the photos saying do you remember when?

I can picture myself back there, I looked so tanned then

He began to take an interest when my daughter laughed out loud

He was caught dancing the Zorba kicking his legs high and proud

He looked a proper twit, although he thought he was the best

He looked like he was having a fit in his shorts and yellow vest


Let me see! was his cry as we put away the proof

Snatching at the packet and nearly hitting the roof

What's wrong with my dancing I was every bit as good?

Then he remembered the woman on whose toe he stood

She spoke a foreign language but you could clearly tell

She wasn't very happy coz her finger wagged as well


Sorry! was his sweaty reply as danced like the Greeks

The art of silly dancing and king of all the geeks

My daughter had disowned him and kept her head down low

He's not my dad -- please mum can we go?


Our last trip to Greece and the practice he does need

So straight into action I planned my dirty deed

I praised his wonderful effort and then moaned about the rain

I moaned about my Raynaud's and how we should go back again

I think I may need an infusion if my fingers keep turning blue

And you'll have to survive a week and make your dinners too

I'd rather save the effort and fix my problem for free

The sun does absolute wonders for all of us you see.


It didn't take much persuading when I kept on with my plan

And finally he realised he was a beaten man.

We'll see what's available what deal we can get

So I switched on the computer and clicked on internet!

It didn't take long to secure our seat

A bargain price so hard to beat

So I clicked on "book" and off we go!

Back to Greece -- I told you so!

My case is packed with all my wear

I cannot wait to get there!

I'll be out at night without a vest

And get a tan, well I'll do my best


To feel the sun upon my skin

Is worth the nicest lottery win

No raynaud's attacks in my fingers and toes

To go outdoors in skimpy clothes

To sit and watch the lovely sunset

Instead there's rain in Blighty I bet

To hear the music in my ears

The end of the day nears


The twinkling night lights fill the bay

So different from the heat of the day

I can see an ocean liner as it passes by

On the horizon against the sky


Oh yes! I'm off to Greece again

Away from all the cold and rain

Who knows what company we will meet

On my idyllic Greek island down on Crete!

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