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Household Servant

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Ah! The sun. What is that big ball of light in the sky? I haven't seen that since.......er.....mmmm! Whatever! It feels like Autumn out there, damp, cold and not very August like. I have two layers of clothing on my back, and I can't help wondering why I should be walking around like this in so called summer?


My dad's got his worry head on this morning. I've just taken his 5th call in less than an hour. He's worried about his car tax because he couldn't find the registration documents. Turns out that I had one of the documents and he the other, why, I do not know? Anyway with that problem sorted out I thought he would relax but to no avail! He rang me back worrying about going to the post office to tax his vehicle to which I pointed out that it was only due at the end of the month. With a degree of satisfaction, or so it seemed, he rang off and I went to make myself coffee. I'd hardly got into the kitchen before the phone rang again.


"What time are you coming to see me today?"


"Dad, I'm coming over this afternoon"


"Will you tax my car for me?"


"Urrgh!" I snorted. "See you later"


I went outdoors to feed my chickens. On the way back from the shed I heard the phone ringing again. I didn't run because the last time I did that I fell! and anyhow it would have switched to answerphone by the time I'd reached the door. This is pretty much a usual day. I just begin to do something and the phone rings or someone comes to visit or my daughter wants to go out! My hubby comes home for lunch and I haven't done a single thing. They wonder why I don't sit and have my enteral feed? Can you imagine running around all day with a backpack strapped over your shoulder, trying to do all the things I'm supposed to do? I despair sometimes!


You may wonder how I have time to write a blog. Truth is I haven't, but I'm doing it all the same or else I think I would blow! With that in mind, I need to clean the kitchen. I left the dishes last night -- if you manage to clear up every night, you are a hero in my book! Bear in mind that I don't eat anything I make, I think I have a right not to be a slave and if my family leave their dishes, I simply leave them too but my method never works. I cannot shame them into washing the dishes and I just have double the work in the morning.


Must go, my concience is killing me!

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