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Sour Grapes

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My disappointment this afternoon was watching my football team lose, and being squashed into a corner of our local pub by a young man who would have been better suited to being at the zoo on the other side of the bars! I may be getting stuffy in my old age but I hate crowds, loud music and beer swilling males who call me darling, pet, or anything other than my proper name. To lose the match as well just confirmed my dismay with pretty much everything the day had to offer!


A bad loser I may be but since I don't go out very much the very least they could have done is won! Do I detect the taste of sour grapes then? Well of course I do. I stood for a whole 3 hours pressed up against a wall trying to see over a 7ft something giant who casually walked in from the street and then stood right in front of the screen. Someone like me who would be a suitable candidate for one of Snow White's little dwarves had little chance of seeing anything at all. In fact we did manage to score one goal -- I guessed that by the uproar that ensued around me, though by the time things had calmed down I didn't care because if that little lad in the replica shirt stood on my toe once more I might have been inclined to clip him round the ear in retaliation.


My hubby stood with friends and although he never drinks much beer, I could see him swaying with that daft grin on his red face which told me that he'd exceeded his quota! I was bloated and uncomfortable because although I don't drink alcohol, it's difficult not to drink at all in a pub even if you are only drinking soda pop. I asked for no ice in my drink but each time was the same, a watery un-fizzy drink which set my fingers off into spasm and my teeth into throbbing shooting pains up my nose and into my head. How much more could I complain?


We headed home in pouring rain. Hubby's head was bobbing up and down in the front as he tried to keep awake. An idiot in a 4x4 pulled out on me and I slammed on the brakes -- typical of my day! Back home, my hubby falls asleep on the settee with me constantly shouting "Steve" as he snores loudly above the TV, not that there is much to watch. I think bedtime won't come soon enough tonight with rain streaming down the windows and my frame of mind I think it's the best place to be!

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