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Dreams and Envy

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Reading Barefut's blog took me back to the days in Greece which I long for and upon getting my own way, I will be back there in a couple of weeks. I couldn't help but feel a tad jealous of my Sister-in-Arms Blogger as I read her recent contribution; -- couldn't imagine doing that over here! Hypothermia comes firmly to mind! The whole thing sounded quite idyllic and from my armchair by the fire, I drifted into her little world for five minutes.


With hubby's eyes fixed firmly upon the football match on TV, daughter playing something energetic on her games consul, I took time out to write for a little while at least. Our Sunday dinner is simmering away in the pan. No one fancied anything in particular so I made soup. We had quite a bit of veg doing nothing in the fridge, so I threw it in a pan. So far so good!


I just feel as if I'm biding time before the event, the event being our trip out to Greece! Of course it's the Greek Island of Crete, the largest one of all and birthplace of the legendary Zeus, the Minoans and Minotaur the Bull. I've been to Knossos and walked amidst the ruins of the Minoan archeological site, supposedly the palace of King Minos. Clever folk the Greeks! There's definitely an air of mysteriousness surrounding the Greek Isles. Well at least that's the historical take on the place and very much mythological apart from the Minoans who did actually exist up until Santorini exploded and caused a huge tidal wave which wiped out civilisation on Crete!


The cuisine is supposed to be the healthiest in the world, just so happens that I can't eat it, but I do try a little! The olive oil is exported all over the world and I always bring a little home with me. Back to reality and my soup is almost ready. Here endeth the history lesson!

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