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Marathon Mum!

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Never mind the Olympics -- I have a gold medal in morning marathons. I seriously believe that I do a pentathlon event, which incidentaly is 5 things being derived from the Greek numerical number penthe (5).


On trying to lie in a little this morning, I suddenly remembered that it was the day my trash can gets emptied. I jumped up, fell over trying to get my leg into my jeans, thus waking my daughter who moaned from her room. "What are you doing?"


I uttered a few choice words as I ran down the stairs! It was raining for a change as I tread carefully down the drive to avoid all the muck from the Geese and Chickens, I didn't have time to change footwear from my fluffy slippers. I had an enterage of animals behind me and with my hair stuck up on end, I was a serious contender for the scarecrow event which happens on the 5th of Sept each year. In fact I'd go as far as to say that the vehicles passing my gate had begun judging my live entry which I should win by a mile!


I dragged my bins to the front of the gate and in the distance I could hear my phone ring! It wasn't even 8.15 and I'd completed at least 3 events already. I knew the phone call would be from my dad, so I rang him back once indoors. The usual "What time are you coming over?" was the first thing he said. Truth is I'd hardly had time to plan anything from slumber to rushing around all in the space of 10 minutes.


"I'll ring you back."


I guessed that all I needed right then was a cup of coffee and with my daughter entering the room rubbing her eyes, I duly put the kettle on! It had hardly boiled when the phone rang again. "Not Grandad again," I moaned to Steph. I picked up the reciever and said "WHAT?" There was a slight pause. A strange voice hesitated and then spoke. "Can I speak to Steph?" It was the place where Steph sometimes does a little work. I handed the phone to Steph who was whispering, "Who is it?" Anyhow, they wanted her to go to work this morning and I could tell from her face that she wasn't impressed.


It was 8.30, I hadn't sat down, had my coffee or changed my footwear. Steph was running around and occasionally shouting instructions. The phone rang and I ignored it! Too much to take in 15 minutes, 16 minutes ago I was in bed and at this rate I was going for a world record.


Steph went off to work, the phone continued to ring and I wasn't doing anything until I'd had refreshment. The Cat was meowing, the Dog yapping, the Chickens clucking and the Geese were looking through the window -- it was breakfast time!. I sank into my chair rather guiltless with 18 blue beady eyes all peering at me. The Dog continued to yap and the Cockerels crowed, but I was having my coffee no matter what!


With the TV switched on, the sound of the national anthem played in the background, we'd won a medal for rowing, but it somehow felt as if it was for me! 9am and all was quiet. Time to give the animals their breakfast and I might just get back into normality.


Who said I was ill? Sclero or not life goes on!......

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