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Lancashire Dialect



Oh me bones are achin, me dry eyes itchin too

I'm achin so many places. it's like having flu

Me red spots are bloomin, I look like I've got pox

I think I'm about ready for that long oak box

But, eee I'm not talkin bout that, It'll come soon as think

So I'll put on't kettle and make me'sel a drink


Outside it's bloomin rainin, n, fairly cowd as well

It's gettin toward winter me bones can alus tell

I'll be rubbin on potions and stink like th'owd pole cat

And hubby won't come near me, I'm not bothered bout that

I'll soon be out in't scarf an gloves, n, boots up to me knees

And out will come, t, whiskey bottle if I so much as sneeze


I am a Lancashire lass, I was born to take the rough

Me Grandma brought me up when times were really rough

She taught me how to be a cook, n, how to make me bread

She alus kept me nice, n, clean, n, alus kept me fed

She'd do her nut if she were here, n, see me in this state

For she was my second mum, my best friend my mate.


Me fingers are goin numb and sore, n, I'm findin it hard to write

I'm countin all me fingers and the sixth one's just gone white

Me back's beginin to make me wince, n, soon I'll be stretchin

And soon me daughter will make a brew and to me she'll be fetchin

I made em hot pot for their dinner,n, washin up's bin left to me

I'm not doin any more tonight I deserve me cup o tea


I think I'd better end it here, me fingers I cannot feel

It's takin all me energy after making such a meal

So I'll end it with a very gud night and I wish the best for you

There's alus a welcome at my house and in me heart too

So if your'e ever passing don't go without a chat

I might not be able to type no more, but I can surely manage that


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