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The Bathroom Derby

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I took one look at all the washing, never mind ironing, and closed the door! Piles of shorts, tee shirts and undies all waiting for inclusion into the suitcases. I've never felt less like doing the job and I need some kind of inspiration to get me going. It doesn't seem right somehow, to be getting out summer clothing when all you want to wear is woolies. I look like the classic picture of a Raynaud's sufferer. Our summer (well, what summer?) has been just about as bad as it gets and not to mention cold! The only time I feel warm is either in bed or close by the fire. Are we really talking August?


I can honestly say that this year so far has been a total waste, not to mention unlucky! And if I truly look back over the last five, I have to say that it hasn't been a bed of roses either.


I'm seriously looking forward to this trip to Greece, if only for the warmth. And that pile of washing keeps staring me in the face. Trying to get my motivation going is a bit of a no-can-do at the moment. My stomach is enjoying playing silly beggars and it takes me a full morning to come up to scratch. My desperate trips to the toilet hold no boundaries, no matter where I may be. The panic that ensues when there is no toilet near is worth any thrill ride at the fairground. If I don't get done for speeding soon, it will be nothing short of a miracle. In fact a friend said to me. "Boy, you were in a hurry flying past me down the road." I just smiled, well I wasn't going to tell her that I was sweating to the point of ruining my pants, an outcome you get what I call sunday drivers dawdling on the road at 25 mph when you need the toilet and your home is four miles away! I should have a placard in my window. Attention fellow drivers. Toilet trip desperado, pull over or stop, Lady in distress! Of course I'm not always rushingfor the toilet. When I'm constipated I yearn for a day like that!


With fingers in spasm and the rain tumbling outside, I suppose I'd better do something other than sit with this computer on my lap. I'm on the radio later and I haven't got a script. Shouldn't be a problem though, I am never short of words!

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