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Break In The Rain

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In just over one week's time I'l be sitting by a crystal clear sea on a beautiful beach with the only sound of rippling waves at my feet! I may be a bit premature but I'm falling into holiday mode.


The British summer came and went away in what seemed like just two days in May. It's rained almost every day since. The shops are full of autumnal wear and the clothes that I longed for at the begining of summer have lost their appeal as they hang rather shabbily on the sale rail at the far end of the shop floor.


I may indulge in purchasing the quite revealing dress that I picked up many times, then put back on the rail as I turned over the little tag which revealed the price. I dared to look to look today and to my satisfaction they had reduced it to an I want it! price. Needless to say I left the shop like the cat who'd got the cream with the dress swinging in a bag by my side.


By all accounts this is a very boring Saturday. I hate to go on about it but it's raining. No! I hear you say. Well there was a spell this afternoon when we actually managed to walk around outdoors without a brolly; trouble is everyone else thought the same and the town was packed to brimming. We couldn't find a place to park the car and then got some weird looks as we parked in a disabled parking space. I hate that look! My husband was driving and then there's me who looks the picture of health, well you do don't you? I sometimes think that I should only go out with my backpack of nuitrition to prove the point. I will not be made to feel guilty for my entitlement but I'm slightly embarrassed none-the-less!


Back home with my hubby flicking through the channels on TV, it's no wonder I'm dreaming of Greece. I'll begin packing tomorrow, well at least just the bare essentials!

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