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Lickin My Wounds

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Licking my wounds, oh my, I'm sore

I ain't doing no blackberry pickin no more

The bestest fruit upon the bush

And I fell under on my tush!


The bowl went up after all my pickins

And fed a waiting bunch of chickens

I think they thought they were in mighty luck

As they ate each berry with a cluck!


So there was I in a very sad pose

Dare not move not even my toes

A thorn was stuck, well you know where?

And I'm sure someone saw me lying there!


Stupid me! I scorned and I swore

That thorn was becoming very sore

A more tender place it could not be

Oh why did this happen to me?


My yearly job of making jam

Didn't even make the pan

My sad collection was now just juice

And the berries had gone on the loose


I walked slowly home like I'd lost the fight

My arms and fingers a pretty sight

I was full of scratches, full of thorns

I hung my head from Hubby's scorns


My daughter laughed as I told of my fate

And how the chickens, my berries ate

My little trip was all in vain

But I'm not about to do it again


I'm lickin my wounds, And I must confess

My scratches look an awfull mess!

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