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The Fountain

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By the time 2008 came in, the very least I would have expected is a lovely house with a beautiful cottage garden and roses around the door. So why am I disappointed then? Well despite not having a lovely finished home, roses round the door, beautiful garden -- okay! You get the picture, I have a half-finished home, weeds around the door and a jungle for a garden with a lovely fountain! ... wait a minute, did I say fountain? Yep, that's what I said! And with it 18 beady blue guilty eyes crowded around a water pipe. What am I talking about -- geese!


We woke to a commotion around 5.30am. The geese were much noisier than usual, and there's me thinking they couldn't possibly be any noisier than they always were. It was raining, I could tell from the raindrops on my bedroom window. Nothing unusual there then! It was only when my hubby got up that I heard him yell " Oh, no! We've got a huge burst!" It wasn't raining at all! I had an enormous fountain right under my bedroom window. It's an old water main that's no longer used and, if I'm honest -- forgotten about! The geese had yanked it from the ground and broken it in the process, we knew that because that's just something only they could do!


My hubby ran around in nothing more than a pair of shorts screaming for the thingy-ma-gig that turns the water off at the main. With that found, he then had to find the main stop tap which is situated near the gate. I can't tell you how many times I've nagged him to clear that area of debris in the past and I couldn't help but feel a bit smug when he was swearing and cursing because he couldn't find the hole! I was tempted to say, "I told you so," but with the mood he was in I kept the words to myself.


He dug with his spade whilst all the time there was water squirting 30ft in the air. The geese had made a pond in the yard and were quite happily paddling around. I heard a scream! "I've found it!" he hollored, and the fountain began to sink until there was just a litle trickle. Panic over before 7 and my daughter arose from slumber oblivious to the situation. She wasn't very happy when I said we had no water. "How will I clean my teeth?" she said in horror! Luckily, there was water in the tank although it was warm and I could hear her moaning in the bathroom "Don't like cleaning my teeth in hot water!"


I'm here on my own. Hubby at work and daughter too. The geese have wandered off in pursuit of more mischeif and I can hear the goats ramming the tin shed in the distance. The cockerels have just finished crowing and the cat left me a mousey present at the door. It's not raining yet but it will, you mark my words! I'm going out with my dad for a while, an escape from my far from ideal surroundings. All I can do is dream about a lovely house with roses around the door and a beautiful garden -- Yeah, Yeah!... And a fountain!

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