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On The Up

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The excitement mounts as I begin to pack my case. It can rain as much as it wants; I'm off to Greece! The sun lotion -- got that! Mosquito repellent -- got it! After sun -- Yep! Now,what else? Camera -- Yes! I think that's it?


I had my hair cut yesterday so I guess I'm ready. I can't wait, I think it's pretty obvious! And to cap it all, my new purchase, an Antique Vienna Wall Clock arrived too. My hubby began building the wall again, Yipppee! It's like we've been hibernating underground for a few months and now there's light at the end of the tunnel. Even the weather forecast is good for the weekend, Y'know I might just crack a smile!


If I didn't have this sclero thing, let's just say little affliction, I might just be the happiest person in the world! And when I think about it, I probably am right now! I have nothing much to be sad about when I think about all the poor people in the world who have nothing.


At least I am able to travel, treat myself when I feel the need and although it rains endlessly, I am never short of taking a shower or having a bath, for some they have to walk miles for water just to survive and here's me complaining -- How dare I! Okay today's lesson in humanity ended!


It sounds so quiet this morning. The geese have 'Done One' up field. So much of my present situation revolves around those two legged, long necked, big beaked honking thing's! Wherever there is trouble to be found, the geese are always close by. It's true to say that sometimes I hate them and I can visualise myself chasing the gander with a huge meat cleaver all over the yard.


They ate my apple tree -- Yes! ate it. It was the first year it bore fruit and the geese found it and stripped both the fruit and bark -- now it will die! They ate my veg and destroyed all my flowers. So now you know why I hate them.


So why do we keep them? -- Have you ever tried to catch them? I wanted them penned up and we've tried several times to do this but each time they escape! And poor hubby hasn't got the time to spend making a prison for them -- ironic that he works in one though! And I suppose they keep away unwanted guests which kind of justifies their worth really! The dog would simply run off if anyone with any malicious intent came up the drive, but not the geese! You see no one really knows what a goose will do in a temper and theyr'e such big birds and part of a gang, mobsters in feathers, I call them!.


Hooray for Greece! Watch out guys -- I'm comin!

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