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Not long now before I board the plane and leave weeds, rain, and housebuilding dust behind. If I said that I was perhaps just a little bit excited, it would be an understatement of fact! The only problem will be the reality that it will all be just as we left it when we come back!


I've had a busy sort of week with this and that! Besides writing blogs, I wrote a short piece for The Raynaud's And Scleroderma Association as well! And just to cap it all, I gave an interview to a magazine for an article on living with scleroderma from a patient's point of view! -- All in the cause of highlighting the condition, but you would honestly think that I was the only person in the world with it! I hope I spoke for everyone whilst giving a personal account and I apologise in advance if I didn't.


I keep looking at a huge mound of ironing that keeps staring me in the face. I shan't feel guilty, I reckon we're taking too much with us in any case. 15 pairs of shorts is enough for any man for a week as opposed to my 22, well a woman likes to keep up appearances don't you think? My daughter has more dresses than some famous Designer and Co, and more shoes than Jimmy C. Her case is bulging and if I have to pass comment one more time on how lovely that dress looks on, I'll scream! My hubby is just as bad with his shirts -- does this one go with this, does that go with that? Argghh It's a week not a month and who cares anyway? It will be swimwear during the day and a few hours of socialising in the evening. I can't stay up later than 11 no matter how much I try so it's hardly worth the effort of dressing for a Ball because it simply isn't that way at all. In fact we'll probably take longer dressing up than we're actually out!


My longed for sunshine will suffice for me. It will suit me to sit in the sun and just enjoy the warmth on my skin. An occasional long soft drink and I'm satisfied! I'm like a basking lizard soaking up the rays, but at least I'll be pain free and feel human again instead of a frozen piece of meat!


My expectations are certainly high but my dream is almost here!

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