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Ochi ( No) Raynauds!

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If that phone rings once more -- I'll throw it in the river! At one point I was speaking to my daughter on the mobile, the land phone was ringing and someone was knocking at the door at the same time -- Arrgghh! I'm trying to get all my last minute packing done and now I've lost track of schedule. Was I supposed to collect my hubby from work this lunchtime?


I did all my rushing around early doors. Went into town at 8am before the shops were open, which was a bit silly really because I then had to stand around outside the post office waiting in the wind and threatening rain until it opened at 9. Still the entertainment was good. I made my way to the queue around 10 minutes before opening, and stood with a crowd of, let's say mature members of the population, with my jacket collar up and looking frozen to the bone. The situation was jovial as most of the group knew each other. Honestly, some of the things they were saying even made me blush but it was all in fun.


Finally the doors opened and like a January sale we all rushed in! I was about 7th in line as I fiddled with my purse trying to find my bank card. "Get some travellers cheques," my hubby said this morning, and that was my purpose. I finally got to the till and went through the ritual of producing ID and personal details. With that sorted I was on my way home. First day of September and I'm almost certain that the temperature has dropped another few degrees, I felt extremely cold, still with the promise of warmer climes just 24 hours away, I did smile a little.


I have so much to remember. I was given a list of instructions this morning from both my hubby and daughter. What do you do when my daughter wants to go out this evening and my hubby says, "No!" Not that he wants to spoil her fun but it's an hour's drive to where she wants to go and because we go to the airport at 3am, he has so much to do when he comes home from work.


She's in love you see! She met this boy a couple of weeks ago and her head is full of love hearts and jolly Robbins! He's a cutie no doubt about that! And he's got the hots for my daughter for sure! Her mobile buzzes constantly and she sits texting messages all evening when she isn't in his company. Oh for love! How can you spoil things by not allowing her to see him the night before we go away? ---- I'm working on it with my hubby and quite why I should feel stressed about it I don't know?


This is my last blog before we jet off and although I love writing, I shan't be giving much thought to my computer for at least a week. My last item of clothing was a cardigan, just in case it's cold on the plane, Oh and my socks! May as well pack my gloves as well! -----Yassou!

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