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Roll On Summer

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Okay! Business as usual. Touched down at Manchester airport and the script went like this: First Raynaud's attack in seven days, pain in my legs, numb toes, chattering teeth -- Welcome home!


"Bah!" 6 hours previously I'd been wallowing in 90 degrees plus and here I was shivering in 40 degrees of grey skies, swirling wind and grim faced fellow holidaymakers. The colour drained from each and everyone and the golden glow of sun tanned complexions turned into a misfitting collection of tourists who'd obviously deserted these isles for warmer climes.


The heavy jackets came out of every bag and those who had not had the sense to pack one, cursed the weather as they ran inside to the arrival desk which was swarming with people all trying to get home before they dropped with pneumonia or hypothermia! My socks were in situ long before we landed and the cardigan came out and placed on somewhere over Athens. The jacket followed as soon as the seat belt sign went off on the ground -- I was prepared.


Summer is well and truly over and we're battening the hatches for winter which never seemed to go away from last year. No more trips to Greece until next June and I can hardly wait! I almost felt normal for a week. To walk around without pain and feel the freedom of loose clothing beats any medication or experiment! There was only one small reminder that all was not well when I put on my bikini and exposed the peg tube which sticks out of my stomach. I've learned not to be ashamed, why should I be? Body piercings are common, what is the difference? Yeah! I get the odd look and the odd stare but I can cope with that because rarely do I get asked what it is and when I do I simply tell them.


Well, I'm here in my chair staring at the fire reminiscing about the nights we spent under a starry sky without so much as a shiver. Roll on summer 2009!

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