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No Raynaud's For A Week! - Part 1



"They'll take you away grinning to yourself like that!" My daughter observed. "C'mon, share it with us then!"


She was remarking upon my state of expression and looking far away in a world of my own with a stupid smile. I was dreaming but more to the point of reminiscing as I drifted back to Crete remembering little events that made the trip so special.


Who do you suppose would be the last person you'd see at the airport? A neighbour perhaps? No not us -- The Bank manager! And to make matters worse, she tapped us on the shoulder at the check in desk. My hubby remarked that things must be bad when your bank checks up on you leaving the country!


We were late as usual, my hubby faffing around with the security checks at home. It was nothing short of hiring the home guard, or the grenadier guards which patrol the gates at Buckingham Palace. Sure we were going away for a week but, really! The animals were taken care of all nice and secure. The geese had a huge breakfast on 10 loaves of bread more than enough to last them until my dad would come to feed them later.


Finally on the road an hour later than planned. We broke the speed limit on the motorway to get there just in time and we were the last passengers to check in. Of course I was nagging my hubby all the way to the desk but in the end we got the best seats on the plane -- the ones with the most legroom reserved for disabled passengers. My hubby walked smugly away with tickets in hand like the cat that got the cream. All that nagging and we ended up trumps.


I looked at my passport photo -- so did security! It's simply the worst photo bar having Frankenstein himself pose for the shot. It looks nothing like me -- thank goodness but not good all the same. I have another 5 years to put up with the embarrassment and who knows I may grow to actually look like myself in that time, Oh, my -- what a thought!

It's a wonder they let me in the country or out of it to be honest! But they did and I put it away without another look.


Once at the apartments, I put all the stress behind. Dumped the luggage on the floor and rummaged around for a pair of shorts and sleeveless top -- it was boiling hot. One thing I hadn't missed though was the dreaded numbness in my fingers and toes. I left that behind in Manchester!


I did take a cardigan out with me though and I do confess that by the time midnight came around, I needed it! We went to bed around 1.30 in the morning, very late by my standards and although the room was quite hot, I slept like a baby until the sound of banging doors woke me at 9am.


After waking Steve and Steph we all changed into our swimwear and negotiated a sun lounger by the pool, that was when I did my basking lizard routine, slapping on the sun cream then soaking up the rays -- This is the life! Greek music played in the background, the sound of splashing in the pool and the warmth on my skin was what it was all about and I stayed there for most of the day until the sun dropped behind the mountains. First day, no Raynaud's, no pain and I had 6 more to go!


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