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Crunch -- What Crunch?



Fire leaping up the chimney, two layers of clothing and a gloomy picture outside. So good to be home -- not!


Where has this year gone? I was looking forward to spring and then summer; I'm still waiting! The summer never materialised nor with it my dreams of a completed house, roses round the door, etc!


Yes! It's been an eventful year, though I don't know where much of it went. We had sadness by the bucketful, joy in small doses and complete stalemate where hopes for a normal family home turned into yet another year of disappointment.


So here comes autumn! I walked around the fields sodden with water. The trees are looking rather sad and the air is damp and cold. The geese followed closely behind and behind them came the chickens; I was not alone. I picked up small logs for the fire and smiled to myself at the enterage over my shoulder.


I turned on the TV as I slumped into my chair beside the fire and the news depressed me further: credit crunch, rising costs, fuel, global warming -- is there no good news? I sometimes wonder if we get too much information, probably because news reporting has less restrictions these days, or could it be the increase in foreign travel, who knows? It's times like these that make me feel lucky; at least I have my land to wander, and by the time I've tread over 4 fields I've forgotten how bad the world really is!


Yesterday, I was challenged by a goat. He went up on hind legs for a head butting contest that I wasn't about to enter. "He's playing with you," my hubby said. Play or not, I wasn't game. That's my last visit to the pen -- all I need right now is a whopping bruise or worse.


I've been far too accident prone lately, falling into a blackberry bush wasn't pretty though absolutely hilarious according to my daughter. I don't fancy attending the casualty department having been attacked by a goat or goose for that matter! I'm sure one of them has it in for me.


I even have a problem with the chickens at the moment. As soon as my door opens -- whoosh they flap in like the opening day of the January sales: it's feathers, poo and mayhem. That's because my daft hubby left a bucket of corn in the utility room, problem is they alerted the geese as well so whilst I'm shoo-ing the chickens the geese creep in behind, and believe me they take no prisoners when corn is on hand. I have what amounts to chicken shed frenzy and the aftermath of a pillow fight.


My life is never boring as such but I sometimes wish for a quiet life, to get on with just being me instead of Old McDonald's floozie.


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