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An Answer For Serena!



I think Serena (Barefut) is pointing the finger at me -- yes! I know who you are referring to when you mention chickens! And I applaud the fact that you've brought up public conveniences in your blog too. They happen to be my pet hate also, especially where the toilet rolls are concerned. They can never be too low off the ground for me, I am somewhat vertically challenged in that department. Which brings me to a rather amusing story and which may go some way to explain why toilet rolls are placed so low.


My hubby was needing the bathroom quite badly when on a night out with some friends. At this point I want to make myself clear when I say it's not always the women who go to the restrooms in pairs! Anyway, several of the party decided to go during an interval session with an awful singer who'd have been better off sticking his head down the loo -- he couldn't have sounded any worse!


The women all went to the room and one by one, came out, put on the lippy and preened themselves in the mirror. By this time you couldn't breathe, there was so much perfume in the air, you know the script!


When we returned to our seats, the men were all laughing so much that tears were streaming down their faces. Trying to get them fess up took the rest of the interval by which time the singer had returned and was murdering another ballad! Our constant nagging for the truth earned our table a disgruntled Shhhhh! from someone who was either deaf or related to the strangled cat on stage. We duly calmed ourselves with the occassional titter from the menfolk. We could hardly wait for the guy to finish and hoped dearly that he wouldn't be asked back for an encore. If I'd have had rotten tomatoes, well! I may have thrown them but this is not the dark ages, in fact if it had've been he might have been shot with an arrow or something!


The singer left the stage to thunderous applause, not for the glee of enjoyment but for the relief he'd finished.The room calmed and all eyes were on our partners "C'mon then -- share!"


They all began at once "Well there was a queue for the urinals" one said!


"We'd just managed to do 'you know what' and were zipping up when there was a little tug on mine and his pants," said another


"Yeah! and when we looked down there was this little guy all of 2ft tall wanting to pee and couldn't reach," said my hubby "We picked him up so he could, well, y'know?"


Small things amuse small minds. So maybe that's why paper rolls are so low!


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