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Calendar Girl!

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I feel like a spinning top today. My daughter's at college and caused mayhem this morning when she emptied the entire cupboard to find a plastic shopping bag, y'know the type you get from the supermarket.


Well, she wasn't having any old plastic bag, oh no, it had to be a designer bag with Nike, Goldigger, or Reebok pasted all over it. I keep a small stock of carrier bags for me to use again and they do make great household bags as well. My bit for the environment you see.


Anyway her little scream of delight told me that she'd found one and back into her room she went. Please tell me that this isn't going to be, 'One of those day's' again!


I'm going to another craft lesson at my parent's residence. Every other Thursday, someone from the charity, Age Concern, gives a demonstration of various arts and crafts. I had the fortunate meeting last week of a lady most will know from the film Calendar Girls.


I'll have to have another word with her this afternoon, as I didn't quite get the whole conversation. Apparently she's part of the Women's Institute and was some way involved with the group of ladies who produced the famous calendar. I asked her jokingly during her card making demo, if she was a calendar girl, upon learning that she was part of the W.I. Me and my big mouth. She blushed and candidly said yes!


I got the feeling she wasn't happy to talk about it, but someone told me that she was Miss April. Detective Barbara Lowe into action this afternoon and reporting for the ISN, he, he!


My sister in law rang yesterday from Australia, she's the one who you can hear without the phone. "Where have you been" she asked.


"Been?" I said, "Nowhere."


"You're never in when I call you."


The fact is my phone is no longer in my tin can (Trailer). The geese made off with the line and since it's happened too many times recently to the expense of 3 previous lines, I ain't replacing it again. So until we finally move into the house, the phone is not being replaced in the trailer. It's a trial, keep returning calls that I've missed, and a real cut off for me.


The trouble it caused yesterday was ridiculous. I spent the entire day going backwards and forwards with pieces of paper, who to call, who to return calls to, Oh man, this stay-at-home thing is driving me mad. Give me a job any day. I keep wondering if I'll ever return to work. It would be really hard to work for someone else since having a business of my own and there's no way I could go back to that again. I was a bookbinder/print finisher and used my hands a lot. Now I can't even turn the pages of a book, so some use I'd be.


Perhaps I could be a calendar girl, not the stripper kind, but a genuine member of the Woman's Institute. Mmmm perhaps not! I'd cause too much mayhem for sure and I'd have to be Miss July wouldn't I? Miss December/ January would be far too cold for me. No! I don't think Ill go down that road at all, I mean, they wouldn't be able to tell if I was a woman or a man! The top half anyway. If it wasn't for my head being stuck on facing front, they wouldn't know my front from back. I've lost so much weight with this condition that my little breasts look like little mud splats. At least that is what my hubby says. So, I guess beiing a calendar girls is definately out.


I guess I'm destined to stay at home, writing silly blogs and living on a farm where all the animals are crazy just like their owners. My life is sometimes boring but, boy, it's never dull!

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