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Fame At Last!



Fame at last! Well actually just a little bit. As you may already know, I work voluntarily for our local radio station, promoting cooking at home. The station contacted me and asked for some help in organising a fundraiser in which they want me to make some cakes promoting the station.


As the result of me saying yes, I have my name almost in lights. It's all too much to take since I've also given an interview for Science Magazine as well and one of my silly poems will also be featured in the ISN Newsletter! I'll be on David Letterman Show next! (Please don't put my name forward.)


It seems I can't keep my huge mouth shut! I should be taking it easy, plodding along with my condition instead of making a nuisance of myself when the opportunities arrive. My hubby thinks I've blown em! Gone round the bend, got a screw loose! Fact is he doesn't really know me at all. He thinks I'm writing to pen pals when I'm on ISN and never questions my constant tapping on the computer, or why the washing up hasn't been done! One day it will hit him in the face like a great big plank of wood that I'm becoming more of an household name than he thinks.


Is it that I'm just a bored housewife, at home all day with no sense of purpose any more? I do feel slightly in harmony with Cinderella, or is it one of the ugly step-sisters, yeah probably! My life sometimes feels like a pantomime!


"Oh no it doesn't!" I hear you cry.


"Oh Yes it does!" I reply.


I don't really want to be famous. No one in our family has ever been in the limelight, in fact it's considered very forward of me to put myself in the frame for anything. My Grandma would shudder at the thought! She was very un-nerved when I auditioned as a tree in the school play. I didn't get it! -- How sad is that! She would be so critical, I'm sure, but perhaps a little bit proud -- who knows?


Got to dash -- interview with the press -- (just joking)!


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