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True Love Not In Text!



They say that the course of true love never runs smooth, well, after 19 years of marriage and almost 25 years of being together, I think I'm pretty much experienced in that game. And like it or not, it is a game and that's what I tried to tell my daughter who sat uncontrollably sobbing about the guy who texted her at 2am to say it was over!


What does a mother do when she sees the one thing she loves most of all in her life, upset, distraught and crying. I cradled my girl with tears in my eyes trying to wipe away those that ran down her face. Every sob was a short sentence, I kept saying over and over again "Shhhh, I know love," and I do know because what girl hasn't cried for a boy or her first teenage love? "He's a coward, a cad, a low down dirty dog" I cried "Who texts in the early hours and does a thing like that -- he's a stupid senseless boy"


My hubby stood helpless in her bedroom. Guys aren't very good with affairs of the heart, I could imagine him reaching for the shotgun -- if we had one! "I'll have him," he snarled.

Of course none of this was helping and the crying got worse, even the little cuddly toy Mutt, who has been her bed companion since a tot, looked sad and wet with tears. I cuddled her in my arms for over an hour until the coldness got to me and I had to retire. She was calm but still mighty upset when I left the room, but she promised to go back to sleep.


I could hear the sobbing from my room and was faced with a dilemma -- do I go back in or let her cry it through but all of a sudden there was silence, so I stayed awake for a while until I must have dropped off.


I was up quite early considering the events of the early hours. I'd made coffee and was about to wander into the front room when I heard her footsteps on the stairs. She entered the kitchen, eyes swollen and white faced. She flung her arms around me and it was round two. What a situation we had. This boy had caused such devastation with just one text message and I didn't know what to do? I knew she liked the guy, I guess I underestimated just how much! He said he loved her and that he always wanted to be with her -- why did he end it so abruptly? It was only as we sat in the front room that any of it made sense.


They'd been to an 18th birthday party, but he'd decided to leave early with his friends leaving my daughter on her own. He'd gone into town - got drunk, kissed a girl and then his friends all vowed to tell Steph. In a silly drunken moment, he'd panicked and told her first thinking she would drop him like a stone. He got it in first! My daughter was asleep when the sound of a text message woke her up. What followed was disbelief, no explanation and grief.


Without going any further, I have to say that things are back to normal when the wrath of the entire entourage of friends and relatives got involved and the lad came crawling back with hearts and flowers.


The world looks a brighter place somehow but if he ever hurts her again, well, lets just say, that mobile phone might end up somewhere rather indescribable and not suitable for text!


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