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Dear Rhyming Barb

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Oh dear Barb what can I say?

Your poems always brighten my day. :D


You are so clever, you have such wit

Your writing you'd better never quit


I am so sorry you are feeling pain to the bone

I want to tell you, you are not alone.


My hips are rebelling going up the stairs

And my knees are screaming at the weight they must bear.


My shoulder too is giving me grief

When can we ever find some relief?


The pain has gone up my neck and down my arm

This dismobility is causing alarm


Why must we work harder than anyone else

To do the same things and with so much pain felt?


I am not looking for sympathy either

(Just a Rhyme for either right now)


Your poems on life always amaze

I hope you're not shy of a little praise


You make rhyming look easy but it 'aint all the time

Like Yoda I write just to make it rhyme


So, thanks once again for another smile

And la -la -la something to rhyme with smile


Love you!

Feel better soon!

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