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Barefut -- Sisters In Rhyme



Oh! Barefut you are too kind

You leave my poetry well behind

I guess we have the very same wit

We both can write our little bit


I'm glad it's more then pain we share

Sisters in arms with much to bear

What have we got if not in text

What little ache will we have next


Life is like a box of chocs

I heard that somewhere on the box

I confess I know all your woe

And wish for us both, it would go


My neck is hard to move and twist

Won't swivvel like in the Excorcist!

My rheumatologist thinks it moves just fine

It's Just a bit of wear over time


I'm 40 something and knackered too

My knees feel like they're stuck with glue

My back won't bend when I want it to

And if I have a cold it's more like flu


If I have a cough it's a hospital bed

And that is something that I dread

Strapped to a machine to keep me fed

How does one keep their head!


Oh listen to me -- how I complain

I'm off on a tangent again

When other folk they are much worse

And suffer greatly from this curse


At least I can say I only have CREST

And only 4 I have confessed

R for Raynauds that makes me numb

E for esophageal that effects my tum

S for sclero that makes me sick

And T for those spots that come so quick


So Barefut, thank you for the quote

To know my problems are not remote

To know a friend is always there

And we have so much that we can share!


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