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I'm fed up of hearing about the world's economy! Every time you switch on the TV, open a newspaper, listen to the radio or even eve's drop on a conversation at the local supermarket -- it's on everyone's lips, Recession! Doom and gloom it seems and a direct result of people's greed and needs to be better than the next man. It simply had to happen -- a timebomb waiting to explode -- the bubble burst and now we all have to pay for it!


I'm so glad that I retired from the rat race 5 years ago and sometimes I'm glad that I'm not able to work anymore. Sure I get terribly bored at home and I sometimes feel useless but I have much to be grateful for and in my little world it's enough.


It's a damp Saturday with not much going on except for the sound of Whiirrr, Bang, Crash! That's my hubby doing work on the house! I keep well away so I don't get roped into holding a beam above my head until every last drop of blood drains into my arm pits. I provide the odd cup of tea and swiftly disappear into the front room before he remembers he has a wife and "Bingo" a helping hand! Don't get me wrong I'd love to help and I do. It's just today seems so cold, I could not feel any worse and I certainly don't feel up to weightlifting. Poor man forgets sometimes that I do have a 12 inch tube in my stomach, no muscles and Hey! Scleroderma for goodness sake. Now this is the point where you all say Awww! but don't because sympathy is not what I'm about.


I may eventually get my dream instead of having to wait for my hubby to get the inspiration, or the weather to behave. Surely someone spending a whole week instead of a few hours each day will complete a wall, a roof and perhaps the yard? Many hands make light work and my hubby can take a well earned rest.


Arrgh! The football is on TV. England play Kazakhstan. I hear my hubby down tools as the national anthem is played. Everything stops for soccer! Even housebuilding. "Oh no" I moan -- how long is it before the World Cup Finals? My house may be finished by then?

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