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Stay At Home Mum



I've had such problems with my internet connection that I'm not sure whether this will get through or not. I honestly think that if I hired a carrier pigeon, learned Morse code or wrote a hand written letter and posted it in a remote place -- it would get there faster than I'm able to post. So much for modern technology, eh!


It's been driving me mad, and with a heavy cold to boot, I'm not a happy bunny! I'm sniffling, coughing and feeling generally sorry for myself with little sympathy actually. My daughter still needs her gruesome jelly dish for Brownies, it's their spooky night tonight! Her farewell words this morning were: "Mum, don't forget to make that jelly with disgusting gummy insects in, and Oh! are you picking me up from college --- good quarter to three then!"


My dad rang 14 times yesterday worrying about his own illness and casually mentioning mine! The house was in a tip and I couldn't move away from the fire. My daughter came home from a hard day at college and then lectured me on how to tidy round before lover boy boy arrives. You'd think he was judging the relationship on tidiness or has obsessive compulsive behaviour, Y'know the one where you need to do things over and over again. I mean, how many times do you need to vacuum a carpet in one day?


I admit that I'm not the tidiest of persons but so much is expected of me! I hate it when woman say,"Oohhh I'd love to be at home all day, my house would be spotless."


"Well, tickle my fancy, dear. Try doing it with a rucksack and a litre of liquid on your back, not to mention a couple of yards of tube, coupled with all the rest of ailments I have to carry --- then you can crow all you want -- I need help."


I honestly think I'd be better off at work, in some cushy little office. Of course that's never going to happen, there are simply no cushy jobs any more unless you are very fortunate. I think I still have much to give. I have a world of experience -- you don't exist for 48 years and learn nothing, although my daughter thinks otherwise -- you gotta love her!


I'm involved in radio and do all manner of things connected with fighting the establishment, you really wouldn't want to know about that! So all in all I'm pretty useful, never mind knowledgeable, and I wouldn't be able to do a full day's work anyhow -- I simply don't have the time! So my assumption is: I do enough work to keep busy. I'm not just a stay at home mum and considering all that I have to put up with, I think I'm pretty amazing! If I didn't say it, no one else would!


Now I'm going to hit the "Post" button -- here goes fingers crossed ------- I guess it made it or else you wouldn't be reading this. Success!


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