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The Dragon's Den

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This could quite easily be the beginning of a child's fantasy story.


I sniffled and coughed into the dragons den

I didn't know whether to run or hide right then

To face your nemesis when you don't feel great

When you have to go before it's too late


My name was called and I walked to the door

Took a deep breath and awaited the roar

I walked into the room with little hope

Was met with a woman and stethoscope


Her face seemed so gentle, but was it a fable

As she spun on her chair and away from her table

She could see I was unarmed and not at my best

With nose and eyes streaming and a noisy old chest


I couldn't believe how pleasant she seemed

On every question her face beamed

She was genuinely glad that I'd gone today

Showed much concern as on the couch I lay


"You've lost loads of weight are you sure you're okay"

"Are they looking after you, she went on to say"

"You look so thin, I'm worried in fact"

"I think we may need to act"


I told her no problem I was otherwise fine

Just a rotten cough from that daughter of mine

And I thought it best for you to treat

Than having pneumonia to beat


We had a chat and I was amazed

A new leaf she had turned and I was not phased

I always dreaded the doctor's stare

Never wanted to go in there


I guess we all feel the very same

Having a disease is all in a game

Choosing the right doctor is no mean feat

Every day a challenge we have to meet


I feel like a warrior another battle won

This skin for armour sure ain't no fun

My sword is my humour, without which I'm lost

Another battle over without any cost


The dragon turned friendly, it wasn't so bad

The greatest battle I've not yet had!

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