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Wilderness Years -- In Rhyme!

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With head in hands -- How will I cope?

No cure to be found -- no hope

What will I become, the future is bleak

A word I'm not sure of, even to speak


It hit me so hard like a runaway truck

It looked like my life had run out of luck

I closed my ears not wanting to hear

Couldn't even shed a tear!


Would this thing be my demise

No information before my eyes

A condition so vague, misunderstood

And I'd just started motherhood


I went away with heavy heart

Not knowing where to start

What would happen - I shrug and sigh

And all the time I question -- Why?


I looked at my baby as she crawled on the floor

This life I'd created was beautiful and more

To her I was mum not some medical term

She needed a mother not one who's infirm


17 years gone like I'd flipped through the pages

Each chapter a joy, the years and ages

No time for myself it was all about her

My beautiful babe with long dark hair


Seventeen and just as sweet

The nicest kid you'd wish to meet

She's all mine and I'm so proud

I even tell her that out loud


This dark little place I go to think

How many years I've had in pink

Scleroderma lurks behind

I wish a cure they could find


My front is of humour how happy I look

But go back a few pages in my life's book

The wilderness years and, yes, I came through

And I can sit here and write this for you!

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