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Raynaud's Buddies



Why can't we hibernate? Seems to me like a very good idea and I might just do that! Some people just don't get it when it comes to how cold a person like me can feel. Sure I look like an Eskimo when I go out and always commandeer the seat next to the radiator. Everyone in the room looks relaxed, rosy and dressed for the occasion -- I'm blue, frumpy and look like I've been dragged in from the street in sympathy.


I hate the prospect of going out with new friends. I'm not antisocial although it sounds like it! No, I'm just not at my best in cold weather and quite frankly I could be mistaken for the weirdo in the corner!


I shuddered not with cold but dread, at the prospect of going out with my daughter's new beau's parents at the weekend. It was inevitable, our path's had to cross at some stage and it happened to be on Saturday. Of course the venue had to be a restaurant/pub, neither of which appeals to me any more. I realise there is nowhere else suitable -- we could hardly have gone to the movies or 10 pin bowling could we?


So I put on my best thermals, boots, thick jumper, gloves and faux fur jacket for my expedition to the one place I avoid - usually! We met inside. I thought it felt cold so whilst others were removing their attire, mine stayed wrapped around me. Stuart -- thats my daughter's boyfreind, arrived with his parents just as I was cupping a mug of coffee in the middle of a severe Raynaud's attack! We introduced ourselves and his mum pointed to the coffee.


"Oohh I'll have one of those, and are we near a radiator?" she asked before any conversation began. Now she's my type of woman, I thought. We'll get along just fine.


The men conversed about football -- we conversed about the weather, and when the meal arrived, instead of asking why I'd not ordered, she went on to say how much she hated to eat late. I was beginning to really like this person and we had much in common -- how much was about to be revealed.


"Take your coat off, Dawn" Her hubby said, "She's always cold, well she has Raynaud's!"


I spun around so fast and nearly cricked my neck. "You have Rayanud's?" I asked.


"Yes, do you know what it is?"


Know what it is! I'm knowing more than what it is, in fact if it had a chief sufferer I'd be up there with them. I told her that I also had it and the conversation went into hyper- mode. So hugging the radiator and drinking coffee -- I'd found my best buddy.


My daughter may have got herself a boyfriend but I've got myself an understanding friend and I can hear wedding bells, I'm almost buying a new hat! Hope they stay together -- I can see many more nights out!


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