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Smile For Raynaud's

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Batten down the hatches, bring out the winter attire

Put on the layers and move closer to the fire

Don't go out in the wind and rain -- for sure a blue attack

Before you've even got there you'll be wanting to come back


You'll be wanting to drink plenty - no ice or fizzy juice

With fingers gone into spasm they won't be much use

You'll curse your condition, how it spoils the fun you have

And for a little spot of cuddling, your hubby will need Sat Nav!


You sit in an office waiting for the nurse to call

Looking at the ceiling and staring at the wall

This place is cold and lonely I'd go home if I could

I know I'll be ages coz the vampire's after blood


I hope the one they send me isn't a trainee nurse

I'm not really moaning but it couldn't really be worse

My veins are very choosy and just a little shy

I find I make excuses, for each time they try


The fifth time of trying, the nurse begins to shake

My arm is full of pin holes and both begin to ache

She got a little spot of blood, I ask if that's enough

But I have so many tests, they simply need more stuff


The attempts are now too many and she admits defeat

So I go back into the waiting room and sit upon on a seat

The room is full of strangers, a woman starts to smile

How long have you been here? -- I say well, quite a while!


We begin a conversation and I suddenly realise

That they all have sclero -- What a surprise!

Put the heating on full blast we're having an attack

Someone left the door open and didn't put it back


The life and times of a sufferer, sclero is the pits

I never feel beautiful, never get out my bits

I never eat a single meal, a funny woman indeed

When I use a whirring pump to deliver all my feed


So why am I complaining as I look around the room

I see smiling faces not dread or doom and gloom

I think life's what you make it and always keep a smile

It's not a special requirement but important all the while!

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