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Seven Rings -- Kerching!



I scratch my head in disbelief. I'm rubbing my head with red tape and a sense of pure idiocracy. Just read on .......


My telephone company, a nationally recognised business, and for integrity purposes I've been with them for as long as I can remember!


Well it all began today when for the umpteenth time it rings just 5 times before the answer messaging service kicks in. Now, unless I can run the London Marathon in record time -- I simply cannot get to the phone from the other side of the house in time to answer it. Simple you may think? -- have another line put in. Well yes that's an option but before doing anything so drastic I thought it best to contact the company to extend the amount of rings it does on the line.


I spoke to numerous people who weren't really real people because it was automated. I went through every number on the keypad, finally succumbing to an option that did not suit my needs. Argrhhh! I screamed in despair. I tried once more after calming down with a quick coffee and chose any option just so I could speak to a living breathing soul who may, just may, be able to help me with my plight.

I hit success when a guy answered and I began to explain my problem with 5 rings not being enough on my line.


"Madam" he said! " 5 rings is standard you cannot have any more"


"What, you are telling me that 5 rings is all I am allowed?"


"Yes ma'am -- you can have 7 but it will cost you £7.50 per quarter"


"£7.50 for two more rings" I asked


"Yep that's right"


I was struck with silence at that point because I could not believe that my telephone is not allowed to ring 7 times without charge.


"Excuse me but, I can't run to the phone, I'm disabled actually and 5 rings is not enough. Do you know how many calls I miss because of this?"


He went on to explain a rather bizarre charging system which would increase my over extortionate bill even further.


I cannot believe the cheek of the matter. How can they warrant charging so much for two extra rings. It's my phone and my bell -- if you want to get picky! And if I have to drop everything and run to the phone to save £7.50 I will. Surely an unfair, bewildering system and there's a letter in the making as I write.


Simply weird.


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