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Phone Misery!



Yes my head is ringing -- not with the sound of my telephone but with a rather disgusting response from my phone service provider. My last blog explained my position, but the events that led up to my complaint was much more intense than just 5 rings.


I was upstairs in the bathroom. The phone began to ring downstairs. I pulled my pants up, barged through the bathroom door, slid down the banister rail, threw open the French doors, leapt over the couch, hurdled over the table, jumped over the cat, dived on my phone and it stopped --- Not!!!


That's what I imagine my phone company would expect me to do, although I kept my elaborate thoughts to myself! Well, I went through the series of options again. Not one of the options related in any way to my complaint. Totally fed up with chasing my tail, I rang the telephone regulatory commission, not satisfied with the excuse I'd been given previously. They were very helpful and gave me a direct number to the inner sanctum that was not contaminated with robotic voices!


I dialled the number and a rather sad and forlorn sounding voice picked up and in a long drawn out drone, introduced himself as a representative of the company. I honestly wanted to wind him up in the turn of a key sense, not in the wrong way! But when he listened to my plight and through the many sighs he kept periodically blowing out, it was clear that he had no intention of listening with any sympathy.


"You have a free answering service for which there is only provision for the phone to ring 5 times before the answering service kicks in," he droned.


"Yes I know but is it so difficult to change the length of the rings to more than 5?"


"Not possible Ma'am -- you have to pay for extra rings!"


"Well, I understand that you charge but I think it's unfair when people like me and the elderly find it difficult to do a pentathlon each time it rings."


"My dear! I have spectacles and I have to pay for them," he retorted


"What? -- You're comparing a disability to wearing specs? -- I wear them too but if they didn't suit the job in hand, I'd complain and not expect to be charged for any slight adjustment!"


I could not believe this man's total arrogance in an explanation that only served to infuriate me further. I reported him to the commission and they were just as annoyed as I was.


I'm considering changing my supplier and fixing myself up with a phone that I can carry around like my mobile -- No more leaping over obstacles for me.


How infuriating.


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